Tips on Purchasing Pressure Cleaning

Every day property managers get bids for pressure cleaning services to remove dirt, algae, hard water stains, and mold. Key factors which impact the success of your pressure cleaning service and price comparisons include the location/access of work area(s), the best process/equipment for your surfaces, whether the job is routine cleaning or stain removal, any landscaping that must be protected, and sequencing of exterior maintenance servicing.

Location/Access to Work Area:  What type of access is needed for the work? Can it be reached from the ground, or do you require rope descent systems, a lift, stage, or scaffolding? This is one of A1 Orange’s unique advantages – we can often get to areas that others can not. We even have jobs where we pressure clean from a boat!

Surfaces to Be Cleaned/The Right Equipment:  What surfaces are you having cleaned and what type of process/equipment is needed? Factors such as surface material, location, staining, and the need to protect painted areas or landscaping impact the best cleaning method(s) for your pressure cleaning job. A1 Orange pressure cleaning technicians make equipment and method choices based upon your property’s unique needs, employing nozzle size, high psi, low psi, hot water, and/or surface cleaners to make your property sparkling clean without damage.

Regular Cleaning vs. Stain Removal:  Do all of your surfaces require routine pressure cleaning or are there tough stains from calcium, limestone, grease and/or vehicle fluids? If you have heavily stained areas, an A1 Orange technician will come out and perform a test to see what is required to remove the stain prior to providing a bid.  While it is rare, A1 will notify you in advance if there is an area which A1 Orange can not get clean. If you receive pressure cleaning bids with large discrepancies, this is a place to ask more follow-on questions.

Protecting Your Landscaping Investment:  We can rinse plants before, during and after cleaning and cover them, if needed. Each situation is different depending on the landscaping and plant materials. Also, you should always schedule your landscaper after your pressure washing service to prevent any damage.

Sequencing of Your Exterior Building Services:  Keep in mind that A1 Orange can provide all of your exterior building services needs including window cleaning, pressure cleaning, painting, waterproofing, exterior metal maintenance and granite cleaning — even portering and sweeping! If you are scheduling services with multiple vendors please notify A1 Orange staff so that work is done in the correct order.  A1 Orange offers package pricing when we perform all of these services and coordination is done in-house.

For pressure cleaning estimates, please call (800) 874-6207 or email us here. More info here.

A1 Solves Water Intrusion Problems

Following in the wake of Hurricane Irma and last year’s active hurricane season, our “wetter than usual” summer rainy season has revealed more extensive water intrusion problems for many properties. Unfortunately, many properties are discovering that these water leaks are indicating the breakdown of entire building joints and joint systems. When joint systems fail, they require complete re-caulking – removing old caulk which has deteriorated and replacing it with quality, manufacturer-recommended products.

The most common water leak repair calls that A1 Orange answers are for water intrusion due to the breakdown of joints surrounding the glass. Sometimes, the water may intrude through cracks in building walls made of brick, stone, or other porous materials and may include failure of the mortar between the bricks or stones. If water is allowed to penetrate porous stone or wall materials, it weakens the stone and causes damage to the drywall and sometimes mold.

At a recent leak repair call, A1 was asked to determine the source of extensive interior wall and ceiling water damage. One problem identified immediately was the leaf-clogged, sub-roof drains, which blocked the path for water to leave. There were long stretches of standing water in the sub-roof, which eventually found a way down through the ceilings and walls.

It was also discovered that walls running between the sub-roof and roof had many cracked stones and failure of mortar joints between stones. In this case, cracks and deteriorated mortar must be repaired and the entire surface sealed with an elastomeric waterproofing coating. This coating leaves a pin-hole free surface which doesn’t allow water to penetrate.

You can trust the waterproofing specialists at A1 Orange to find the water intrusion source and recommend the right solutions using the best products on the market. A1 Orange follows manufacturer guidelines when applying caulking or sealant and gets the manufacturer’s rep to certify the product warrantee.  Learn more or contact A1 Orange for a waterproofing estimate.

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A1 Orange Superheroes Bring Smiles

A1 Orange field team superheroes brought smiles and laughter recently while washing the windows at Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando. Superman, Thor, Spiderman and others provided needed relief to hospital patients and their parents, dropping down from the roof and interacting with the children on each floor while performing the semi-annual exterior cleaning. A1 Orange crews also performed pressure cleaning of exterior spaces and garage stairwells to keep outdoor surfaces safe and clean.

Enjoy this link to the video which ran on local news stations.

Schedule A1 Orange for your upcoming window cleaning and pressure cleaning needs and you’ll be smiling too with our worker’s professionalism and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Request an estimate here or call 1-800-874-6207 today.