Team Building & “Remember the Titans”

If you are looking for a team building program theme, consider this!

A1 Orange President Vickie Head had a major “aha” moment while watching “Remember the Titans” on a recent fall afternoon. She quickly reorganized an upcoming planning and team building agenda to include a viewing of this movie – a big time investment for the session! When she announced that this off-site planning session would begin with a football movie and popcorn, the group laughed but accepted the challenge to find lessons relevant to A1 Orange.

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Tips on Purchasing Pressure Cleaning

Every day property managers get bids for pressure cleaning services to remove dirt, algae, hard water stains, and mold. Key factors which impact the success of your pressure cleaning service and price comparisons include the location/access of work area(s), the best process/equipment for your surfaces, whether the job is routine cleaning or stain removal, any landscaping that must be protected, and sequencing of exterior maintenance servicing.

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A1 Solves Water Intrusion Problems

Following in the wake of Hurricane Irma and last year’s active hurricane season, our “wetter than usual” summer rainy season has revealed more extensive water intrusion problems for many properties. Unfortunately, many properties are discovering that these water leaks are indicating the breakdown of entire building joints and joint systems. When joint systems fail, they require complete re-caulking – removing old caulk which has deteriorated and replacing it with quality, manufacturer-recommended products.

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