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At A1 Orange, Safety is #1

Keeping people and property safe while performing exterior building services has always been a our #1 priority at A1 Orange. Since the inception of industry and OSHA committees to discuss safety practices, A1 Orange has been an active participant in shaping industry safety guidelines. Our pro-active approach to safety includes: sending team members to industry safety training programs and/or bringing recognized industry safety trainers to A1 Orange, ongoing in-house safety training, advance project safety planning, ongoing safety assessments & communication, and manager site safety-checks.

A1 Orange team members are trained to follow industry best-safety practices while managing changing weather and environmental conditions, and safely coordinating with any other scheduled building maintenance/landscaping projects. Meeting deadlines is important; however, safety comes first!

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Ongoing Employee Safety Training

A1 Orange sends our team members to safety training programs at International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) meetings; brings in safety experts for whole company trainings; and conducts bi-monthly safety training for all field team members. Documentation of safety training available upon request per OSHA 1910 requirements.

Advance Safety Planning for Each Job

Before team members are sent to a site, a safety plan is made for each job. If we haven’t been to the facility recently, an on-site safety inspection is done prior to the job, often with the property manager or engineer. Work may be scheduled at specific times for safety purposes. If anchors will be used, the certifications required by the new OSHA 1910 requirements are requested.

Ongoing Safety Assessments & Communication

Each day, team leaders assess safety conditions such as ground and aerial obstructions, and use safety cones and tape to manage public safety while working. A1 Orange managers conduct job site safety and progress checks on projects, to make sure that safety rules are being followed and all is going as planned. Should questions or concerns arise during the job, A1 communicates immediately with the on-site contact. If a job takes longer than one day, A1 managers are briefed on daily progress. At the end of the job, A1 Orange checks back with property contacts to make sure that the job was completed to their satisfaction.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

A1 Orange has always tried to implement best-industry safety practices and is committed to keeping people and property safe. A1 workers receive ongoing training to be in compliance with OSHA 1910 vendor training requirements. Documentation of worker safety training is available to business partners upon request.

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