Professionalism On-the-Job and In the Saddle: Sheryl Frick, RPA

Nearly every property manager can identify with the image of a hero riding in to save the day as they “rescue” tenants from everyday property issues large and small. Tampa area Property Manager, Sheryl Frick with Ryan Companies US, literally rides a horse as a volunteer of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. She joined the Posse when her son left for college, combining her passion for horses with a desire to give more time to community service.

The Posse’s two main priorities are participating in search and rescue activities and community outreach events. In order to perform these tasks, volunteers must commit to ongoing training with the Posse — Sheryl logged 150+ hours in 2018. She especially enjoys participating in community events and outreach, helping to strengthen the connection between area law enforcement and its citizens.

“Everybody loves the horses and will come up to the horse and talk to the deputy and posse members. Our goal is to help people feel more comfortable with law enforcement officers by interacting with them in a relaxed environment.”

The connections between Sheryl’s volunteer role and her “day” job as a property manager are pretty strong. Property managers require ongoing training to maintain certifications such as Sheryl’s RPA and must build strong relationships with their tenants to boost satisfaction and retention. We asked Sheryl to share some of her experience as a property manager.

1. How long have you been a property manager and how did you get started in this line of work? 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 28 years since I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in anthropology! I gravitated towards real estate because it seemed interesting, and have had a number of jobs with great companies.

2. What skills are most important to somebody considering a career in property management?

You have be able to multi-task — to manage dozens of different projects at the same time, creatively find solutions to problems, and be comfortable with a varied day which could change substantially from your plans as tenant/property needs arise. You must be a people person and able to operate with flexibility between the lease and practice.

3. Working with A1 Orange, can you tell us about how you solved a very unique pressure cleaning challenge?

One of our properties in beautifully situated on a small pond, but the water-facing side had access issues. A1 Orange was the only company willing to provide service from a boat in the pond, and it has worked out beautifully.

4. Being a property manager is a pretty intense job — how do you relax?

Caring for my horses is a great stress reliever and very calming. Combining community service with my love of horses has been awesome!

5. Speaking of community service, Ryan Companies is pretty big on giving back — can you share a few recent projects you’ve participated in?

We cook dinners for the Ronald McDonald House quarterly, work on Habitat for Humanity projects, and volunteer with Feeding Tampa Bay.

Sheryl is currently a Real Estate Manager with Ryan Companies US, Inc., and previously was with Healthcare Trust of America, Inc., USAA/ABM/Transwestern, and Songy Partners. She has extensive experience with hi-rise and construction management and has won six BOMA TOBY Awards.


Participate in Safe + Sound Week 2019!

Plan now to join  A1 Orange as a participant in OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, August 12-18. Last year, A1 Orange office and team members participated in extra safety training programs, office/warehouse safety walk-through’s, and earned fun incentives for safety photos. Learn more. The safety photo incentive offering a $10 Wawa gift card for 3 safety photos was alot of fun for the field team members — with some posting “well-posed” photos. We put many of them on Facebook during August.

According to OSHA, this is “a nationwide event to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs that include management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces.”

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It’s a Wrap: 111 Angels Sponsored!

Special Thanks to Yvelise Pestourie who created the beautiful angel artwork above in support of our 2018 Angel sponsorship drive. A1 Orange created thank-you coasters for all angel sponsors using this artwork. 

Every year the need seems to be greater, and every year our friends and business partners jump in to support The Salvation Army Angel Tree program with us. This year, our goal was to sponsor 100 Angels from the Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa areas. When all was said and done, 111 Angels were sponsored as part of our drive. Thank you so much for your amazing support of this program which provides Christmas smiles to so many children.

This year’s drive started in early October, when A1 Orange began publicizing the event on Facebook and via emails — with nearly 70 people stepping up to sponsor one or more angels. According to Brenda Dost, “This is a tradition continues to grow, with several long time donors who sponsor 1 or 2, and up to 4 angels each year, and adding sponsors mostly from the companies of business partners who spread the word in their offices.” Several property management companies had 8 -10 individuals sponsoring Angels!

Some highlights of this year’s drive:

  • We expanded our program’s geographic reach, adding angels The Tampa Bay Area Salvation Army to the mix, in addition to Orlando and Jacksonville.
  • One company adopted an angel, and the entire office contributed clothing and gifts! The items arrived in a large decorated box filled to overflowing for a young boy Angel.
  • The Monday before Thanksgiving, we received an email asking if there were 8 more Angels available — and most of the sponsors were new to The Salvation Army Angel program!

Many A1 Orange team members get in on the action, from organizing and promoting the drive, to accepting donations at our office, to adopting angels and taking the donations to The Salvation Army for distribution. One A1 Orange team member who was unaware of our work with The Salvation Army Angel Tree program was asked to deliver one of the last loads to the Orlando toy center. When he arrived at The Salvation Army Toy Center, a volunteer said, “A1 Orange — you’re back again? Wow, how many angels did you have?!” When he returned, he said that he was very proud that we were part of this program!”

It takes a village to meet the needs of families in our area and we are honored that so many generous friends and business partners join us in this effort every year. As we share the holidays with our families and friends this Christmas season, we can enjoy the warmth of giving to others and knowing that children will be smiling on Christmas as a result of our efforts.