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Water Infiltration: Testing, Repairs, and Prevention

Water is so essential for life but can also be one of the greatest threats to the integrity of our built environments. Its pervasive nature allows it to seep into the smallest cracks and imperfections. When water infiltration occurs, it can exert tremendous pressure, especially when the water freezes or when it leads to soil movement beneath foundations. Testing, repairing, and preventing water intrusion is critical to your building’s longevity. It’s one of those problems that will only get worse over time. This article aims to help you understand water infiltration and how to address it.

What Happens When Water Infiltrates the Building Envelope?

Water flows without feeling or malice as it respectfully follows the laws of gravity. Your building envelope acts against water to divert it elsewhere and prevent water infiltration. When the envelope or its components fail, and water infiltrates the building envelope, several things can happen, none of which are good for your building.

  • Water molecules are sticky, which means they can carry dirt, pollutants, and other contaminants into your building, exacerbating the damage.
  • Water dissolves other molecules, further breaking down building materials and facilitating mold growth.
  • Water expands and contracts, causing cracks and further damage as temperatures fluctuate.

Common entry points for water infiltration are roofs and ceilings, anywhere there are cracks, such as the facade, foundation, or basement, and where sealant fails around entry points or windows.

Water isn’t taking a nap behind the scenes. It’s tirelessly breaking down building components, making more room for more water until it’s directed otherwise. Ignoring signs of water infiltration will eventually lead to structure damage and health risks.

Effective Strategies for Water Infiltration Management

The two most effective strategies to address water infiltration are being proactive in keeping water out and responding rapidly when you can’t. Waterproofing and replacing sealants according to manufacturer standards are proactive. Conversely, regular maintenance checks of the building envelope, including roofs, windows, and walls, can catch any potential issues early, allowing you to take action.

Testing at Signs of Water Infiltration

While the signs of water infiltration are often obvious, the root causes may not be. Testing ensures you get to the source of the problem. At ProXpress, we accurately pinpoint the leak’s origin to make the necessary repairs. The last thing you want to do is cover up the leak without fixing it properly.

For instance, our technicians perform destructive testing to provide definitive proof that the sealant joints are the entry point for water into the building. We employ water testing to recreate the leak scenario, determining with certainty which hole is causing which leak. This method also helps rule out areas that are not contributing to the problem.

Addressing Water Infiltration

The first stage of repairing damage from water intrusion involves stopping and fixing the cause of the leak. Once this is complete, it’s time to assess the damage and work on restoring your building to its original condition. Depending on the severity of the water damage, you may need to take emergency action to mediate mold or address structural issues with the facade.

If you catch the problem early enough, your building may only need minor facade repair or sealant replacement. After the work is complete, we conduct a post-job follow-up complete with documentation photographs and retest the area.

Staying Ahead of Water Infiltration

If you weren’t taking a proactive approach to preventing water intrusion, it’s not too late. We help you identify waterproofing solutions and can create a maintenance plan to avoid common pitfalls. Our level of proactive planning is a core service you will find with ProXpress that you won’t find elsewhere.

ProXpress: Your Ultimate Strategy for Water Infiltration

ProXpress is your one-stop shop for water infiltration testing, repair, and prevention. You don’t have to rely on other service providers to handle different stages, a common cause of project delays.

When water breaks through your building’s defenses, the rapid response team from ProXpress is there when you need them the most. With a comprehensive approach and professionalism, the team ensures they address the immediate concern and provide you with a path forward to protect your building. This includes identifying other potential building concerns such as safety and compliance risks, facade access, or other wear and tear.

Protect Your Building From Water Infiltration with ProXpress

A proactive approach to water infiltration is your best defense, but sometimes, even the most formidable lines of defense aren’t enough. That’s why it pays to have a reliable partner capable of addressing the problem quickly and efficiently.

If you suspect you may have a water intrusion problem, contact the ProXpress team. Our team of experts will not only address the problem but also provide you with the tools and support you need to proactively protect your building.


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