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A1 Orange is a proud provider of exciting new building glass restoration technology which repairs without distortion!

What Types of Damage Can Our Glass Restoration Experts Repair?

  • Scratches of most sizes and depths, even deep ones with chipping around the edges;
  • Hard-water residue and haziness from sprinkler systems;
  • Pitting from dirt and chemicals;
  • Construction damage, including stucco and concrete damage;
  • Grafitti which may offend customers and hurt your image.
  • Distortion cause by previous efforts at glass restoration with inferior technology.

What Types of Windows/Glass Can We Repair?

  • Commercial: Office buildings, low-rise and single-story offices, malls, stores and more;
  • Any Type of Glass: Windows, Doors, Walls, Panels, Mirrors, Plate Architectural, Dual Pane, Tempered and Annealed.

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