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For the metal on your building’s envelope, A1 Orange in Jacksonville provides cleaning maintenance and restoration services. Regular service can prevent staining of your Alucobond Panels and Anodized Aluminum Windows Frames due to caulking runoff, pollutants in the air, oxidation, sprinklers and other exposures. If these haven’t been maintained, our stain removal and restoration processes can usually repair and return your metal to good condition.

Exterior Metal Cleaning — A1 Orange in Jacksonville removes dirt, debris, and pollution from Alucobond Panels and anodized aluminum window frames on buildings, store fronts, canopies, monument signs and brand signs.

Stain Removal/Restoration of Alucobond Panels — A1 Orange’s experienced Alucobond Panel cleaning and restoration experts use high quality products to repair chalked, faded, sprinkler-stained or even chemically damaged panels instead of costly replacement. This damage can’t be removed by standard cleaning procedures and must be restored by professionals with the right products or you risk damaging the surface further.

Each project is unique, and we work with the manufacturer to select the best product and process to reveal the original, intended finish for your project. After restoration, A1 Orange in Jacksonville can apply a long-lasting, invisible surface layer which protects the finish better than the original Alucobond Panel finish.

Anodized Aluminum Window Frames Restoration — A1 Orange in Jacksonville can also return faded, stained, oxidized, dull and/or pitted surfaces to their original condition.

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