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As pressure cleaning specialists, A1 Orange technicians know the best equipment, products, and psi to safely pressure clean every surface on your building. Whether you need regular maintenance or stain removal services, A1 Orange will develop the best service package for your needs and budget:

Pressure Cleaning Maintenance – Regularly scheduled A1 Orange pressure cleaning removes dirt, cobwebs, debris, and algae from:

  • Sidewalks, curbs & outdoor plazas
  • Exterior building walls & roofs
  • Truck courts and garages
  • Pool decks, fountains, retaining walls

Pressure Cleaning Stain Removal Services – If you have staining due to rust, minerals, oil and/or vehicle fluids, you may need our stain removal services. Our experienced pressure cleaning technicians utilize propriety combinations of equipment and products to remove even the most difficult stains. We stay current on the newest techniques and products to keep your property safe and clean.

If you are getting bids for pressure cleaning and/or pressure cleaning stain removal services, be sure to ask whether regular pressure cleaning or stain removal processes will be used, and how much of the stain they expect to remove. Prior to providing an estimate, A1 Orange sends a technician to determine the best removal methods, using propriety combinations of equipment and products.

  • A1 Orange’s Granite & Stone Restoration Services begin with a deep cleaning of your porous granite, stone and/or concrete building features such as columns and fountains. Since these are at ground level, they are particularly vulnerable to mineral deposits, pollution and dirt. Care needs to be taken to remove stains without damaging the stone/concrete. More info…

Resources and Add-On Services

  1. Should pressure cleaning be done first or window cleaning?
    Exterior pressure cleaning should be done first, and then the windows.
  2. Is there any cost savings by scheduling window cleaning and pressure cleaning services at the same time?
    Yes, because it is one mobilization instead of two.
  3. Why shouldn’t you just go with the cheapest pressure cleaning bid, is there really a difference?
    Because all pressure cleaning services are not the same! Done poorly, your sidewalks and surfaces can actually look worse after pressure cleaning – streaked, unattractive, unevenly cleaned and possibly damaged.

The best frequency for regular pressure cleaning to protect and beautify your property’s exterior depends upon your property’s unique characteristics (dirt/landscaping debris accumulations, proximity to exhaust and pollution, available sunshine, traffic and more) and your budget. If you have an area that is subject to staining from oil or debris, more frequent pressure cleaning maintenance can save you money and keep your property safer.

Don’t let nesting birds tear up your roof or eat caulking from windows. A1 Orange installs the best systems for each area where you need to deter birds from nesting.

Let A1 Orange’s professionals safely change out light bulbs in your building’s exterior and interior high spaces. This can be in conjunction with other services or on a special visit.

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