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Vendor Insurance: How Well Are You Covered?

“A1 Orange’s goal is to provide the best exterior maintenance services to our clients. We don’t take shortcuts. A1 carries more insurance than is required by law, uses top rated, national insurers, and pays premiums for the high-rise window cleaning classification for liability (code #99975) and workers comp. We strive to get the details right!” Vickie Head, A1 Orange President

 Getting a COI from exterior building services vendors is pretty standard for property managers. However, all insurance coverage is not the same, and a little “due diligence” goes a long way! A COI is not just a piece of paper – it’s your protection in case of unforeseen events.

Here are a few questions to ask your vendor regarding their insurance.

1. Are your insurance policies written to cover high-rise work? (for liability insurance, that’s window cleaning/code #99975) This is more expensive than covering janitorial work, for example, but companies will often purchase insurance in lower risk business categories.

2. What is your insurance provider’s rating, is it at least A.M. Best A? Top quality, reputable vendors maintain substantial and comprehensive insurance packages designed to protect their financial integrity and at the same time provide assurance to their business partners. This is not a place for cut-rate. Know your vendor’s insurance providers’ ratings.

At A1 Orange, we take the trust you place in us as your exterior services vendor seriously. A1 Orange provides not only the basic insurance required by law, but also carries excess $10 million umbrella liability insurance to provide substantial protection to property managers and owners if needed. A1’s insurance coverage includes:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance to cover all operations and any operations performed by independent contractors; liability assumed under contracts common to our operations and Personal & Advertising Liability. Further coverage provided when contractually required.
  • Business Automobile Liability extending to the ownership, use and operation of all owned; non-owned and hired automobiles.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance in excess of the requirements required by the  Statutes of the State of Florida and its companion Employer’s Liability Coverage. When used for A1 Orange business, all vehicles, regardless of ownership, are covered by our insurance.
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance for seamless protection in excess of Commercial Liability, Business Automobile and Employers’ Liability insurances.
  • Business Services Bonds protect our business partners against financial liability for the loss of money, securities, and personal property due to employee dishonesty.

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