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3 Tips to Manage Water Intrusion Proactively

Florida’s harsh combination of sunshine and rain present a real challenge to keeping building envelopes waterproof. Given the amount of rain we get per year – and the prospect of getting several inches over a very short period, it makes sense for property managers and engineers to take a proactive approach to waterproofing prevents significant water issues at their properties.

While expansion joints usually last 5-20 years and window seals have life expectancies of 10-20 years, it may vary depending on the materials, sun exposure, etc. So even in newer buildings or those with recently replaced caulking, you must always be vigilant re: avoiding water intrusion.

The following three steps could save you lots of dollars and headaches:

1. Keep an eye out for signs of water intrusion or building envelope failures.

  • When walking around your property, check for
    • Vinyl shrinkage around windows corners
    • Gaps and cracks in the concrete curtain wall and
    • Damaged/deteriorated seals on parapet caps and walls
  • During regular exterior building maintenance service visits, ask your vendor to check for any of these signs.
  • When it rains, look around the inside and exterior of your building, checking for
    • Pools of water on the inside of the window frames and
    • Leaks and active water intrusion
    • Be sure to mark the area, take a photo and note where it is, especially if you have a large building. 

2. Use your professional waterproofing contractor as part of your proactive defense.

  • Get them to investigate specific problem areas you have identified. Often water travels, and the source of the water may or may not be obvious.
  • Follow-up on signs of joint wear/system failure on your building’s envelope, even if you are unsure of whether you have problems yet or not.
  • Get a professional waterproofing inspection, if there seem to be numerous problems or leaks that are difficult to resolve. An A1 Orange Waterproofing Inspection is a close-up look at all expansion joints, window seals and porous wall barriers, documented with photographs.  If you schedule your waterproofing work with us soon after this detailed inspection, the cost is applied towards your job.
  • Get a ground level inspection of your building every three to five years to identify and investigate any leaks and determine what is needed to keep your building dry.

3. Fix the problems right away!

  • While a leak repair or waterproofing one or more joints may cost more than a typical maintenance project, water damage is even more costly and disruptive to tenants — more so if they have to be relocated.
  • Repairing a small or new leak upon discovery can prevent:
    • Water seepage which can lead to a buildup of mold, which can turn into hazardous black mold.
    • Unseen moisture that can damage drywall, carpeting, office furniture and technology.
    • Musty or mildew-y smells throughout the space, which may cause tenants to leave at the end of their lease.

Overall, watching for signs of water intrusion, calling for expert support, and making necessary repairs/waterproofing when they first occur are smart, proactive measures that will save you money and headaches.

Warranties:  Sealant/Caulking Materials and Labor

  • Nearly all manufacturers of sealants and caulking require a field inspection to be done in order to honor their warranty. The waterproofing agents must be applied according to manufacturer guidelines in order to pass the manufacturer’s field inspection. Be sure to ask for the proof of product warranty from your contractor when the job is complete.
  • Product warranties also may require that an entire plane or joint system be sealed in order to warranty the work.
  • Your labor warranty is provided by the contractor performing the work. It must be specified separately from the product warranty on your final invoice. How long has your contractor been in business?

With A1 Orange, professional waterproofing technicians apply the best sealing/caulking products for your application and back it up with 94 years of experience in exterior building maintenance. Learn more about our caulking, coatings and epoxy injections for all areas of your property – buildings, decks, balconies and parking structures.

Whatever your property waterproofing needs, A1 Orange can help! For more information or to receive a detailed quote, contact ftorres@a1orange.com

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