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Team Building & “Remember the Titans”

If you are looking for a team building program theme, consider this!

A1 Orange President Vickie Head had a major “aha” moment while watching “Remember the Titans” on a recent fall afternoon. She quickly reorganized an upcoming planning and team building agenda to include a viewing of this movie – a big time investment for the session! When she announced that this off-site planning session would begin with a football movie and popcorn, the group laughed but accepted the challenge to find lessons relevant to A1 Orange.

Discussion following the movie identified many themes common to A1 Orange and lessons that could help strengthen teamwork:

  1. That change is inevitable, and you need to welcome it – New team members, new products and techniques, and changing client needs all change our jobs daily.
  2. That role flexibility may be necessary to meet customer’s needs and achieve our business growth goals – A1 Orange is looking at what roles and skills are necessary to meet client needs better and is investing time and dollars in training people for new roles.
  3. That supporting each other is not optional and we need to invest time in getting to know each other better – Assimilating new people in key roles requires shifts on everybody’s part and taking the time to get to know each other helps the process go more smoothly.
  4. That teamwork and attitude are everything – we succeed or fail as a unit! There is no “I” in TEAM!

Change, the need for flexibility, assimilating new staff members and success or failure as a team…these are lessons for all of us. If you google “Teambuilding and ‘Remember the Titans’,” you’ll get links such as:


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