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A1’s Plans for OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week

Safety is always our #1 priority. A1 Orange is excited to be participating in OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, August 13-19. We are planning incentives to make it fun for our workers to think about safety this week. Both field and office staff are participating in special safety activities and trainings in areas identified by managers and workers and assigning teams to look for any possible office and warehouse safety hazards.

Here is our plan:

Advance Promotion:  We are meeting with team members on Thursday, August 9, to give them a heads-up on the upcoming week’s activities and incentives.
Incentives:  If a team member takes three photos relating to our Safe + Sound Week safety items, they get a $10 Wawa or Gate card for a free lunch! If half of the team members earn the $10 GC, there is a drawing for $100 among those participants.
Daily Safety Focus:  Monday – protecting the public and property with cones and caution tape; Tuesday – rope safety/hi-rise and fall prevention/low-rise; Wednesday — electrical hazards; Thursday – ladder safety.
Three Special Safety Training Sessions (15-40 minutes duration):  Rope safety, electrical hazards and ladder safety.
Wrap-Up Safety Celebration & Prizes: Thursday, August 16, with presentation of $10 gift certificates and drawings (hopefully) for $100 in Orlando and Jacksonville. Plan to take a picture of the group with our OSHA Safe + Sound Certificate!

A1 Orange is also coordinating with the Orlando Police Department to hold a women’s self-defense training program at our office at 1345 Long Street, Orlando, in August or September. More details to come as soon as we have a date!

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