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Granite & Stone Restoration: Entries, Columns & Fountains

Does your property’s entryway granite or porous stone/concrete features have staining from mineral deposits and grime? These features are intended to boost curb appeal at your property, but due to their ground floor location, they often are exposed to frequent sprinkling, hard Florida water, dirt and pollution. When was the last time you inspected these elements and scheduled granite & stone restoration — deep cleaning and sealing/polishing?

When you request an estimate, A1 Orange granite & stone restoration experts conduct on-site testing to identify the best cleaning and restoration methods for your specific granite and stone feature elements. Multiple tests are performed at your property, because various locations can have difference element exposure.

Restoring the natural beauty and curb appeal of these columns, entries and features is a two-step process. First, A1 Orange’s granite and marble restoration experts employ deep cleaning products and methods to remove mineral deposits, pollution, dirt and grime stains. Then, we seal or polish the cleaned surfaces to bring back the natural beautify and protect them from exposure to the elements. With fountain floors, A1 may recommend the application of a rubber membrane (as pictured below, at right) to protect it from staining returning too quickly and keep it looking great longer.


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