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Take a Proactive Approach to Waterproofing

Help Insure Clean Living & Work Spaces, Safeguarding Property as well as People with A1 Orange Waterproofing Services.

  1. Prevent structural breakdown: Waterproofing prolongs the lifespan of your building by limiting ways that water and moisture can enter through ceiling, walls, or floors, avoiding damage such as rust, rotting, corrosion, and deterioration.
  2. Prevent mold and keeps your building healthy: Waterproofing can prevent health problems. Moisture build- up in the ceiling and walls promotes fungus or mold growth, which can cause serious health issues such as allergies, asthma, and a weakened immune system.
  3. Reduce maintenance costs: If your property is beginning to have water leaks, waterproofing is a cost-efficient solution to save on expensive repairs. When water intrusion isn’t fully addressed, costly damage to ceilings, drywall and building contents can also occur.
  4. Increase property value: No one wants to purchase or lease a property with water intrusion problems. Waterproofing maintains the aesthetic look of the building and adds value to your property.



Jumpstart Your OSHA 1910 Compliance at Orlando May 18 Workshop!

A1 Orange’s Offers New OSHA 1910 Compliance Support.

If your property has not yet met OSHA 1910’s Anchorage Compliance Requirements, you’re not alone and A1 Orange stands ready to support you in navigating this challenging process. Last December, OSHA recognized that there were not enough resources available for all property owners to meet the OSHA 1910 compliance deadline of November 19, 2017. OSHA is providing a grace period so buildings can still be serviced, if the owner demonstrates due diligence in moving forward through the process.

We’ll be sharing full details of the A1 Orange Compliance Solution at this lunch workshop. A1 Orange has formed an alliance with Brian Rivers, PE, with PM&A. PM&A is an established engineering firm, which shares key values with A1 Orange including a commitment to quality, customer service excellence, and delivering on promises. Brian has already successfully worked with a number of A1 Orange business partners in achieving compliance.

At our lunch workshop on Friday, April 18, Brian Rivers and Freddye Torres, A1 Orange Director of Operations, will share their expertise on this topic and answer questions you may have. We encourage you to bring a copy of your current roof anchorage plan and any inspection information you have, so that we can provide feedback and help you get the process jump-started.

This complimentary lunch/workshop will be held at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, 8005 International Drive, Orlando, from 11:30 – 1 pm. Reservations can be made by emailing Lindsey Bergdoll at A1 Orange.

Granite & Stone Restoration: Entries, Columns & Fountains

Does your property’s entryway granite or porous stone/concrete features have staining from mineral deposits and grime? These features are intended to boost curb appeal at your property, but due to their ground floor location, they often are exposed to frequent sprinkling, hard Florida water, dirt and pollution. When was the last time you inspected these elements and scheduled granite & stone restoration — deep cleaning and sealing/polishing?

When you request an estimate, A1 Orange granite & stone restoration experts conduct on-site testing to identify the best cleaning and restoration methods for your specific granite and stone feature elements. Multiple tests are performed at your property, because various locations can have difference element exposure.

Restoring the natural beauty and curb appeal of these columns, entries and features is a two-step process. First, A1 Orange’s granite and marble restoration experts employ deep cleaning products and methods to remove mineral deposits, pollution, dirt and grime stains. Then, we seal or polish the cleaned surfaces to bring back the natural beautify and protect them from exposure to the elements. With fountain floors, A1 may recommend the application of a rubber membrane (as pictured below, at right) to protect it from staining returning too quickly and keep it looking great longer.


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