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Phone (800) 874-6207
Serving Florida with Offices in Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa
Fax (888) 216-9774

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While We Are Up High In Your Lobbies and
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Let Us Take Care of Your Hard-to-Reach
Maintenance Tasks.

A-1 Orange High Angle Services
Over the years, many customers have asked us to provide off-the-ground assistance to perform housekeeping and general maintenance tasks that their employees can not safely perform. If you have a service up high (inside or out) that you need assistance with, please let us know. Some off-the-ground services we've performed are listed below. 

Bird Deterrent Services.  Don't let nesting birds tear up your roof or eat caulking from windows. We can install screening on parapets, vents, open areas and signs to prevent or remove birds from nesting. 

Hard-to-Reach Dusting and Spider Web Removal. In your lobby or tall intererior spaces, thick layers of dust and spider webs can dull fixtures and detract from the overall well-kept appearance of the spaces. Outside, on your facade and in your garage, spider webs can collect leaves and trash, making an unwelcoming first impression to visitors and tenants.

Lighting Maintenance and Marquee Bulb Changes. Let our professionals safely change out light bulbs in your building's interior high spaces and exteriors. We can do this in conjunction with other services or on a special visit.

Let A-1 Orange work with you to schedule all of your exterior maintenance jobs for efficiency and cost-savings. Learn more about A-1 Orange's Advantages.
  • Bird Deterrent;
  • High Dusting & Spider Web Removal;
  • Lighting Maintenance;
  • Marquee Bulb Change & More!