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Phone (800) 874-6207
Serving Florida with Offices in Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa
Fax (888) 216-9774

1.After a rain does your building still look wet, even days after?   

The building above is a stone building, as you can see the top portion appears to be wet. This could allow moisture to seep into your building causing mold/algae etc. It is time for your building to have a clear penetrating sealant applied to the exterior. 

The sealers used on natural stone installations are generally divided into two types: penetrating sealers and coating sealers. "A breathable, penetrating sealer will help to protect natural stone from below-surface staining. The sealer fills the crevasses of stones such as limestone, slate, adoquin, shellstone, sandstone and flagstone. This helps reduce ongoing care and maintenance. Reapplication is usually necessary every five to seven years

2.Do you have white scaly build up on your stone/brick? 

3.Do you have unexplained white stains on your glass?  

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it is time to get your building sealed!

All this white chalky stuff is called Efflorescence! In chemistry, efflorescence (which means "to flower out" in French) is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating. The powdery substance is formed as a result of this process, especially on the surface of rocks.

So, efflorescence causes the damage you see above. On stone surfaces, it appears as the unsightly chalky mess. On glass, it appears as the white stains (similar to sprinkler stains) and can be damaging to the glass. Sprinkler stains usually only appear in and around where the sprinklers are located (ground floor). Leeching efflorescence can appear anywhere (in or around) where the stone that is leeching is on your building, including ALL floors. On glass, especially if the stains are ignored, they can become etched in, and even permanent. This causes costly restoration, and in some cases replacement!

With the help of clear penetrating sealers, the durability of the stone is ensured, and the beauty of your building is preserved. Sealers invisibly protect stone, forming a barrier to repel stains and water damage. 

A1 Orange can remove the salt efflorescence, thoroughly clean the exterior of the building, remove the staining on your glass and SEAL the stone! We’ll work with quality manufacturers to pick the best products, and follow application guidelines so that you receive a guarantee from both the manufacturer and A-1 Orange. Call 1-800-874-6207 today or email us for a free estimate.

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Are your building’s exteriors of natural stone, pre-cast, aggregate, brick/masonry, concrete, and/or stucco showing signs of water seepage or efflorescense due to sealant breakdown?

Building from the top during the sealing process; see the huge difference above and below.

Examples of Brick and Aggregate 
Before & After Sealing.
Close-up of Efflorescence 
stains on glass. 
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